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In this everchanging pandemic regarding COVID-19 we want to provide our clients with an update on our operations. AT Industries is committed to the safety of our employees, clients, and business partners. As a part of our team, we want to keep you informed of the precautionary measures we’re taking to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus. Cooperation and compliance with these and other common-sense precautions are necessary to promote a safe and healthy workplace.

We are monitoring the situation and following the CDC and local government updates that continue to change by the minute. Many of our projects are operating as normal and our personnel continue with construction activities as normal. Our facilities will continue to operate as normal with additional precautions put in place. We will provide updates to our clients, team, and business partners of any changes in the schedule, manpower, or supply line as this situation develops.

• We will increase cleaning measures at our facility.
• Handwash stations will be placed outside of the entrances to our building for suppliers, delivery drivers, and team personnel to use.
• All deliveries and suppliers are to call upon arrival. Signage posted on exterior doors.
• Handwash stations will be supplied for each project to provide sufficient hand washing to each field employee.
• Monthly supervisor meetings are postponed at this time and will be conducted via email or by memo.
• Employee and supervisor training will be scheduled appropriately.
• We are allowing capable staff to work from home if needed due to school cancellations and childcare difficulties.
• A travel survey will be sent out to each employee to complete and will be kept on file. We will screen all employees to ensure they are safe to visit our jobsites and facilities.
• Our manpower management team will keep a record of all employees who have reported being sick or traveled to a level 3 city, state, or county.

Due to the coronavirus – COVID-19 – situation throughout the country we have made changes to our delivery, pick up, and supply procedures. Please contact the shop foreman, warehouse supervisor, or front desk personnel for delivery drop off and/or material pick up. Our personnel will assist in all loading and unloading of material outside of the facility.

This is an everchanging situation and we will continue to update our clients, team, and business partners of any updates or changes.