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“Safety First, Safety Always!”

safety hatAttention to safety and accident prevention is the primary concern of everyone at ATI and we are proud of our safety record. We make safety our number one goal because the well-being of our people and the public is our primary concern regardless of the project. We are committed to safety and use every available avenue to ensure that each individual working with us is safe.

The way we do business

No job or schedule is so important that we cannot take the time to perform it safely. Our team evaluates and plans each job prior to its start to ensure that it can be completed safely. We are constantly building and improving our safety culture and as a team, we have made the difference. Safety is not just a tool but a way of doing business here at ATI.

Up-to-date training

We have developed a safety program here at ATI where we provide our employees with the most up-to-date training available. Since training is the foundation of safety, we regularly train our employees on the ever-changing hazards in the workplace. The team at ATI makes all the difference when it comes to safety. Our skilled union employees provide our workers and our customers with a safe workplace every time.